We will improve all aspects of call handling and provide a better customer experience through greater accuracy in data capture, reduced average handling time (AHT) and increased first call resolution (FCR) rates.

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Improving Contact Centre Efficiency

We offer a rapid and cost-effective optimisation of contact centre system screen flows, delivered through a flexible and customisable software product, that:

  • Enhances the value of your customer service or sales interactions.
  • Maximises the productivity of your advisors handling customer contacts.
  • Retains investment in existing computer systems and avoids high-cost, risky replacement programmes.

Card Management Process Optimisation

We are experts in customer management processes for the prompt and secure Identification and Verification of callers. We have worked in the regulated field of credit and pre-paid cards to provide simplification of all customer interactions for card management, fraud prevention and fraud detection. The benefits from the service we provide are delivered extremely quickly through high quality individuals working with the Freshvue Software Toolkit. more information




Freshvue Solutions publishes in CIFAS Spectrum Newsletter

Continuing our development of innovative solutions for Fraud Operational departments, we contributed a whitepaper. You can download a copy here:

Download this PDFIs Delay the Hidden Cost in Fraud Prevention?


Freshvue Solutions sponsors Efficiency and Reform Public Sector Workshop

We decided that our proven track record in the private sector could demonstrate those savings and methodologies in the Public Sector.
The UK has a huge public sector structural deficit that the coalition government is determined to reduce within the lifetime of this parliament. The first steps are being taken this year with a target for savings of £6.2bn in public sector spending; however, this remains well short of the £70bn per annum that the government eventually intends to achieve. Freshvue Solutions can show you it is possible to reduce your operational costs and complaints whilst at the same time increase the experience your customers have with your contact centre or back office function .


Freshvue Solutions partners with The Top50 Call Centre program

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with The Top50 Call Centres. Now in its third successful year, The Top 50 Call Centres for Customer Service is an exciting initiative designed to create one benchmark for customer service excellence and transform the public perception of the contact centre industry.

Customers who have already benefited from our software solutions

Bank of Ireland

Argos Marks&Spencer TSYS

Homebase Deutsche Bank

Lloyds TSB Commercial Home Retail Group



Previous Sponsors of The Top50 Call Centres for Customer Service
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